3/2 Not Available or N/A On Invoices
You may find a stamped ‘Not Available’ or ‘N/A’ handwritten or on an invoice. This means that the item ordered is ‘not available’ and was not shipped.

If the item is on the Stock Report as a Stop Sell: you will receive a credit, or you may call to request a refund.

If the item is on the Stock Report as a Backorder, the item is a backorder and will ship when it arrives.

If the item is not listed on the Stock Report, please contact Customer Care for disposition.

3/2 Address Change Procedure Update: Ship to Host Orders
Be sure that the Host address is correct BEFORE entering the Host Order. The address that is in the system when the order is placed is the address that will be captured for the Host and Ship to Host orders. We are unable to change orders after they are submitted. If you need an address changed AFTER the Host order has been placed, the shipment can be re-routed by FedX after it ships for a $15 fee. If you need a shipment rerouted, please contact Customer Care for assistance.