In order to streamline activity requirements to be in line with the new Award Program we are implementing the following updates beginning with May Bonus:

Active Status: Representatives must have $500 monthly sales once every 4 months to remain active. Representatives that do not meet active status qualification will lose Award Points and Product Points.

Personal Sponsoring Bonus: The qualification for the personal sponsoring bonus is updated to $1000 in monthly sales for the recruiter and $500 in monthly sales for the recruit.

Leader Monthly activity bonus: The $10 activity bonus will be paid on every rep with $500 in monthly sales.

Please note that the Qualified Group Representatives (QGR) requirement for Leader Qualifications does not change and remains at $200 monthly sales. Similarly, the Qualified Personal Recruit (QPR) requirement for promoting to leader remains at $200 monthly sales.

Focus on achieving $500 in monthly sales every month! When you set out to achieve more, you will. Here are some of the many benefits of consistent and higher sales:

  • Increased earnings and more meaningful income
  • Success habit creation
  • Momentum
  • The more people you serve, the more future business you gain
  • Earn Award Points for SHS logo items and more
  • Be part of helping your team qualify
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