Summer fun has just begun! So how do you use the amazing Fall / Christmas Idea Book when it’s still 90 degrees out? We talked to Senior Executive Directors Nikki who shares her tips on getting the most from this great Idea Book.

How do you use the Fall / Christmas catalog when it still summer to get bookings?
I typically pass the Fall & Christmas book around at my Shows to encourage them to book shows for fall & Christmas. I always tell them I will only carry a few fall items at first, so to book for August, etc. to see more products as the season grows.

When do you start showing the Fall Product line?
I just drizzle a few falls pieces at first, then by September I’m all fall. That typically helps get bookings from August & September Shows.

When do you start showing the Christmas Product Line?
I start bringing a few Christmas items in October.

What is your best advice for a Representative going into July with the Fall / Christmas book in hand?
Definately pace yourself. It’s exciting when the new products come out, just remember not everyone wants to see Christmas in July. Plus, it’s important YOU are always excited about the product. I encourage you to drizzle new items in a few at a time to keep your excitement through the season